On Monday, September 11 at 2:00 pm EST, the All IN Campus Democracy Challenge will be hosting a webinar entitled, “Developing a Democratic Engagement Action Plan” as part of its ongoing series.

This one-hour webinar will stress the importance of action planning in the process of increasing democratic engagement on college and university campuses. “Action planning” is a way to help campus administrators, faculty, students, and community members focus ideas and decide what steps need to be taken to achieve institutional goals related to democratic engagement. The resulting action plan document will serve to increase efficiency and accountability, and make the vision for change concrete.

In the “Developing a Democratic Engagement Action Plan” webinar, speakers will share a set of new guidelines established by the Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition intended to help navigate the writing of democratic engagement action plans, create action plans to increase student voting rates, aid students in forming the habits of active and informed citizenship and make democratic participation a core value on campus.


Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, National Manager, American Democracy Project
American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Stephanie Reynolds, Assistant Director for Knowledge Communities and CLDE
NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

Verdis L. Robinson, National Director
The Democracy Commitment

Clarissa Unger, Civic Engagement Director
Young Invincibles

For questions or additional information please contact Catherine Fish at [email protected]


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