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Our civic network provides a web of community college faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, and scholars in order to expand civic capacity and institutionalize this work on community college campuses across the national. Through our civic network- blogs, social media, newsletters, journals, and convenings, our members have information sharing, networking, and professional development opportunities crucial to advancing civic learning and democratic engagement. Join us as we learn from others across the country, exchanging ideas on best practices to advance this work. Additionally, online chat forums, provided through our social media campaign, allow for continuous civic dialogues. Stay engaged, stay informed, and stay woke.

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2018 Social Media Campaign

Starting January 2018, TDC will launch a social media campaign to create a national civic network for and about democracy in our community colleges.  In order to benefit from national dialogues, information-sharing, news updates, national announcements, and scholarship, sign up today and follow us on social media.  This network is for anyone committed to our democracy and mission of TDC.