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Action Civics

Civic Learning

Community Engagement

Electoral Engagement

Political Engagement Project (PEP)

Increasing Political Participation on Our Campuses and in Our Communities
TDC’s Political Engagement Project is designed to advance democracy through political institutions, organizations and activities. Our goal is to engage our community college students and community in public life and in government through voting, contacting elected officials, being active in political organizations, debating issues, supporting causes, and participating in rallies. This project is modeled ADP Political Engagement Project but takes into deep consideration the unique challenges and unique opportunities on a community college campuses and its engagement with the community. Selected institutions will develop ways to politically engage the campus as well as the community.

Steering Committee:

  • Amber Austin, Alumna of Tarrant County College, SE
  • Zaneeta Daver, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
  • Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Community College of Allegheny County
  • Dr. Connie Jorgensen, Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • Brett Rowlett, Lane Community College
  • Dr. Joe Scanlon, Monroe Community College
  • Joshua Young, Miami Dade College