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Civic Network


Resources and Publications


Awards and Recognition

Recognizing Civic Leadership and Action on our community colleges campuses and communities.
TDC annually recognizes exceptional work of students and faculty who have advanced the work of democracy on their campuses and in their communities. We have recently created a National Awards and Recognition Committee composed of members of our National Leadership Team tasked with creating, nominating, awarding, and recognizing community college campuses, students, faculty, staff, and administration who advance democracy and civic engagement on our campuses and in our communities. Stay tuned as this is a valuable work in progress!

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TDC’s Inaugural Awards and Recognition Committee:


  • Fagan Forhan, Chair, Mount Wachusett Community College
  • Dr. Mary Frances Archey, Community College of Allegheny County
  • Amber Austin, Alumna of Tarrant County College, SE
  • David Bodary, Sinclair Community College
  • Zaneeta Daver, ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge
  • Dr. Connie Jorgensen, Piedmont Virginia Community College
  • Duane Oakes, Mesa Community College
  • Aurora Zwick, Moraine Valley Community College

Bernie Ronan Student Action Award

The Bernie Ronan Award is presented annually to a student or a team of students from a TDC member institution for a student-initiated or student-directed project or program that exemplifies the democratic skills and capacities we desire of our students.


Daniel S. Asquino Civic Leadership Award

Coming soon!

The Democracy Commitment Honor Roll

Coming soon!