TDC has amassed a national clearinghouse of resources, publications, program designs, curricula, and project development strategies for community colleges. All member institutions have access to these materials and ideas which extend beyond volunteerism embracing civic work broadly to include the democratic practice.

ADP & TDC Engage the Election Joint Initiative Resources

The Democracy Commitment has partnered with our four-year public colleges and universities colleagues AASCU’s American Democracy Project to create a year-long Engage the Election 2016 initiative powered by icitizen, a leading civic engagement app.  This initiative will features a series of comprehensive nonpartisan activities including  a series of webinars focused on various aspects of political engagement.

Citizenship Under Siege Project Resources

In an age of fractious differences about this topic when finding common ground seems elusive, The Association of American Colleges and Universities and The Democracy Commitment are joining with seven community colleges to orchestrate a series of public forums, each with accompanying programs and educational resources to bridge the rifts.  Organized under the common theme, Citizenship Under Siege and supported by a grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities, the events are framed through the powerful historic, ethical, and narrative lenses of the humanities

Civic Engagement and Democratic Learning Best Practice Guides

We have written and compiled publications that advances our dedication to the cause of democracy in higher education, and to make democratic skills available to all individuals who desire a voice and a seat at the table of local, state, and national discourse and action.

Electoral Engagement Resources

“Where Do I Vote?”  “Who/What’s on the Ballot?” “How Does it Work?”

Electoral education and engagement is essential to our democracy, and student engagement on our member campuses is a priority.  Most of the resources here are for voter information and ballot/candidate information to inform and educate student voters.   We have compile documents and written Best Practice Guides to assist our members in in educating and engaging community college students in the electoral process

Partner and Friends Electoral Engagement Resources

We have compiled a list of Partner and Friends resources vetted by TDC which offering valuable national connections with national organizations with the goal of preparing future Americans to be informed, active, and mobilized citizens in their communities, states, and the nation.

Voter Registration Tool and Resources

“Am I Registered?”

TDC has vetted online resources and tools to increase voter registration on member campuses and communities.  Most of the the resources here are for voter registration information and verification.  We also would like to introduce a TDC Register to Vote tool powered by Rock the Vote.


Coming soon!