• Best Practices User Guides

    Best Practices User Guides

    We have three new best practices user guides for #e214. Get your campus ready for the Midterms today!

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  • ADP & TDC Talk Midterms

    ADP & TDC Talk Midterms

    Join the conversation via Twitter November 4 - 11.

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  • Tired of those same old political ads?

    Tired of those same old political ads?

    Find out how to do something about it.

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  • Save the Date

    Save the Date

    We're going to NOLA! Find out more about the 2015 ADP/TDC National Meeting location and theme.

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  • 10 Campuses. 10 Projects.

    10 Campuses. 10 Projects.

    Learn more about this TDC & AAC&U collaboration and the work of our TDC institutions.

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The Democracy Commitment (TDC) is a national initiative providing a platform for development and expansion of community college programs, projects and curricula aiming at engaging students in civic learning and democratic practice across the country. Our goal is that every graduate of an American community college have had an education in democracy. This includes all of our students, whether they aim to transfer to university, achieve an associate degree or obtain a certificate.