National Partnerships

The Democracy Commitment is committed to helping its members graduate the next generation of informed and engaged citizens. To this end, TDC relies on a select group of partners to provide updates, guidance, and thought leadership on an array of issues impacting civic engagement and democratic leadership in our community colleges.


Our Partners

TDC gratefully acknowledges the partnerships of the following:

American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)

AASCU  is a Washington-based  higher education association of nearly 420 public colleges, universities and systems whose members share a learning and teaching-centered culture, a historic commitment to underserved student populations and a dedication to research and creativity that advances their regions’ economic  progress and cultural development. TDC is housed in AASCU’s offices in Washington, DC.

American Democracy Project (ADP)

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a network of more than 250 state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. ADP was established in 2003 as a nonpartisan initiative of AASCU in partnership with The New York Times.  The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce college and university graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences they need to be informed, engaged members of their communities. ADP served as the model for TDC is remains a constant partner and pathway.



Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U)

AAC&U is the leading national association concerned with the quality, vitality, and public standing of undergraduate liberal education. Its members are committed to extending the advantages of a liberal education to all students, regardless of academic specialization or intended career. Founded in 1915, AAC&U now comprises nearly 1,400 member institutions—including accredited public and private colleges, community colleges, research universities, and comprehensive universities of every type and size.


ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge believes that more young people need to participate in our electoral process.  By recognizing colleges and universities for their commitment  to increasing their student voting rates, and by honoring those that do, this national awards program encourages higher education institutions to help college students form the habits of active and informed citizenship. Hundreds of colleges and universities have joined the challenge and are committed to making democratic participation a core value on their campuses. Together, they are cultivating generations of engaged citizens, who are essential for a healthy democracy.


Campus Vote Project (CVP)

In 2012, the Fair Elections Legal Network (FELN) launched Campus Vote Project (CVP) to focus and expand its work around student voting issues. CVP works with universities, community colleges, faculty, students and election officials to reduce barriers to student voting. Our goal is to help campuses institutionalize reforms that empower students with the information they need to register and vote.  College students face special challenges when attempting to register and vote in their college communities. Campus Vote Project seeks to address these challenges well in advance of Election Day to pave the way for successful student voter turnout.

Center for the Study of Community Colleges

The Center for the Study of Community Colleges is a non-profit 501(c)(3) research and policy center based in Los Angeles, California.  The Center’s mission is to improve community college effectiveness and student success by engaging in and supporting relevant and applicable research related to community college practice and policy.  The Center also houses the Council for the Study of Community Colleges (, a scholarly community affiliated with the American Association of Community Colleges.

Community Learning Partnership (CLP)

The Community Learning Partnership is a national network of Community Change Studies programs that prepare students for careers in organizing, economic development, advocacy, policymaking and many forms of public service. Our programs develop new, educational pathways into community change careers. We are based primarily in community colleges that work in partnership with community organizations, agencies and often, 4-year colleges to offer specialized Degrees or Certificates that can lead directly to jobs or provide transfer credit to other educational institutions.  Our students gain skills that are valuable in all areas of life and work.

Educational Testing Services (ETS)

At nonprofit ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating high-quality assessments based on rigorous research. Institutions of higher education rely on ETS to help them demonstrate student learning outcomes and promote student success and institutional effectiveness.


GivePulse is a database and management platform to track, measure and report all community engagement, experiential and scholarship activities of students, faculty, staff and alum. Using our analytics and tracking platform, along with its management applications, scholars and decision makers are able to determine student success, community impact, and how to move the need in addressing social issues.

Kettering Foundation

The Kettering Foundation is a nonprofit operating foundation rooted in the American tradition of cooperative research. Kettering’s primary research question is, what does it take to make democracy work as it should? Kettering’s research is distinctive because it is conducted from the perspective of citizens and focuses on what people can do collectively to address problems affecting their lives, their communities, and their nation.


LeadMN is a student-led organization connecting students for change in Minnesota. We represent 180,000 two-year college students that come from all walks of life and face economic and cultural barriers on a daily basis. We help students achieve personal excellence to empower them as student leaders so that they may break down barriers and drive change.

NASPA Lead Initiative

NASPA’s Lead Initiative on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (Lead Initiative) comprises a network of 96 NASPA member colleges and universities committed to encouraging and highlighting the work of student affairs in making civic learning and democratic engagement a part of every student’s college education.  The Lead Initiative offers unique professional development opportunities, targeted resources, networking, and recognition for its Lead Institutions.

National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC)

The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is dedicated to strengthening civic life in America. We pursue our mission through a nationwide network of partners involved in a cutting-edge civic health initiative, our cross-sector conferences and engagement with a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations interested in utilizing civic engagement principles and practices to enhance their work.  Connecting people for the purpose of strengthening civic life is our goal.  At the core of our joint efforts is the belief that every person has the ability to help their community and country thrive.

National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI)

National Issues Forums (NIF) is a nonpartisan, nationwide network of locally sponsored public forums for the consideration of public policy issues. It is rooted in the simple notion that people need to come together to reason and talk—to deliberate about common problems.  These forums, organized by a variety of organizations, groups, and individuals, offer citizens the opportunity to join together to deliberate, to make choices with others about ways to approach difficult issues and to work toward creating reasoned public judgment. Forums range from small or large group gatherings similar to town hall meetings, to study circles held in public places or in people’s homes on an ongoing basis.

National Study for Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE)

The National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) offers colleges and universities an opportunity to learn their student registration and voting rates and, for interested campuses, a closer examination of their campus climate for political learning and engagement and correlations between specific student learning experiences and voting.  Critical to our broader mission of strengthening college student learning for democracy,  For 2012 Voting Data Comparison Report for TDC Institutions, click HERE.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

The mission of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is to complete President Reagan’s unfinished work and to preserve the timeless principles he championed: individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. Specifically, the mission of the new Reagan Institute operating as an entity of the Foundation from both the Reagan Library in California as well as in Washington, D.C., is to move well beyond the Foundation’s mission to preserve the memory of our 40th President. The Reagan Institute proactively promotes his ideals, vision, and leadership example for the benefit of generations to come through youth education and academic alliances, scholarly work, and substantive, issue-driven forums.

Street Law, Inc.

We’re Street Law—a global, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization with more than 40 years of experience developing classroom and community programs that educate young people about law and government. Street Law programs and materials help advance justice by empowering people with the legal and civic knowledge, skills, and confidence to bring about positive change for themselves and others.

The Chisel

TheChisel offers you a unique platform to engage in public policy-making with experts from nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions. You can comment on proposals these experts have created—they’ll listen to your feedback and revise the proposals to build consensus nationwide. And then, we’ll help these organizations send these proposals to Congress.

The New York Times inEducation

The New York Times is known all over the world for unparalleled news coverage, analysis and high-caliber reporting. Each day hundreds of colleges and universities around the globe bring our content into the academic setting through The New York Times inEducation.


TurboVote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that helps students engage successfully in their democracy. Institutions nationwide use TurboVote to strategically – and easily – promote and monitor voter engagement. Through TurboVote, students can register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and receive reminders with important election information, dates and deadlines.

TDC Friends and Allies

TDC also acknowledges its growing number of friends and allies who join in the movement to advance democracy in our community colleges:

Andrew Goodman Foundation
Ask BIG Questions
Bring It To The Table
Campus Compact
Imaging America
Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS)
National Voter Registration Day
Pew Trust’s Vote Information Project (VIP)
Reacting to the Past (RTTP)
Roadtrip Nation
Rock The Vote
Service Year
Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) Coalition
The Washington Center
Young Invincibles