Benefits to Being a

TDC Member Institution

The Democracy Commitment was created to address the many obstacles community colleges face in preparing future Americans to be informed, active and mobilized citizens in their communities, states and the nation. We are here to support you while offering a series of valuable connections with national organizations along with a network of U.S. community college campuses that are also intentionally engaging in civic work for the benefit of their students.

As a member of TDC,  your institution will receive:


Members have access to TDC signature initiatives that create student and faculty opportunities for civically and democratically engaged activities. In addition, all TDC member institutions are welcome to participate in the current American Democracy Project civic engagement initiatives.


TDC, in collaboration with the American Democracy Project, has amassed a national clearinghouse of program designs, curricula and project development strategies for community colleges and four-year institutions. Member institutions have access to these materials and ideas.


Partnerships formed between TDC and national organizations all around the country give your institution recognition and access to myriad opportunities for exposure. Because TDC is represented in our nation’s capital, your institution will often be spotlighted at national events, along with our future annual and regional meetings.


Through workshops, summits, and regional and national meetings, faculty and staff will have opportunities to work with others across the country exchanging ideas on best practices in civic engagement. Online chat forums, provided through our website, also allow for continuing civic dialogue outside of formal gatherings.


TDC members will have the opportunity to develop regional and national programs that build civic skills among students, especially focusing on projects that support students in doing public work. Many of these programs may become widely adopted and used.

With current and future grants, The Democracy Commitment will use resources for faculty and curricula development to further the cause of citizen education and engagement on and off campuses. Preference for grant monies will be given to TDC member institutions.

Join TDC!

To join The Democracy Commitment a message must be sent from the President (or Chancellor) or their office in an email to the National Manager or through the form found on Join TDC! to the right.

If you are not from the President’s office but would like to learn more about TDC, please use the Contact Us form.

Please click through the links at the rights to explore more advantages to joining The Democracy Commitment and what it means to be a member institution. We hope to hear from you soon!