The campus inventory is an activity that we ask each campus to undertake as part of their participation in The Democracy Commitment (TDC).

The purpose of the campus inventory is to identify places and programs on campus where civic learning and democratic engagement activities are already underway, as well as places where activities might be started. The campus inventory will allow participants to celebrate civic engagement that is already occurring, link as-yet-unconnected efforts among TDC campuses, and identify opportunities to begin work in areas where civic engagement activities could occur.

The survey is made up of five parts:

Part I: Institutional Intentionality
Part II: Academic Focus on Civic Engagement
Part III: Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular Focus on Civic Engagement
Part IV: Evaluations of Civic Engagement
Part V: New Program Development

Please take time to gather information from all aspects and areas of your institution. We are not only interested in clubs and societies, but classes teaching democratic and civic engagement skills, statements, speeches, mottos or slogans, research and departments intentionally promoting citizenship education.

Please download the Word document of the civic inventory. Feel free to use it as a way to save your work as you fill out the survey. TDC Civic Inventory . Write & Save

Once you are finished, please cut and paste your info into our online version, found here.