#e214-LogoA continuance of our first signature initiative, Engage the Election 2012, the 2014 version focuses on the midterm elections. This initiative encourages our TDC member institutions to host engaging events through which both students and the community can have open, civil dialogue surrounding issues that are often overlooked outside of a Presidential election year. While many argue that the midterm elections are more important than the designation of our nation’s highest executive, TDC recognizes that media outlets do not give these particular election cycles the visibility and exposure deserved.

In response, The Democracy Commitment proposes a lofty, yet attainable goal, coined “2-3-4.” By November 2014, TDC wants to have expanded its network to 200 community colleges nationwide, to represent 3,000,000 students, and support community colleges in registering 400,000 new voters.

In providing helpful toolkits, coordination assistance, and the generation of local and national resources from partner organizations to staff, faculty, and administrators, The Democracy Commitment believes the initiative will help students in American community colleges be engaged in the 2014 election.

To visit the Engage the Election 2014 web page filled with information and resources, click here.

Economic Inequality

The Economic Inequality Initiative is a three-year combined ADP/TDC effort to further engage individuals in the issues surrounding the inequities established by differing socioeconomic statuses, and examine how it affects our democratic process. There are 30 institutions taking part by uniting faculty, students, and community members alike in their discussions and projects encompassing topics such as public policy, economic inequality, economic opportunity, and social mobility.

See specifics of what some of these institutions are doing below:

Bridging Cultures to Form a Nation

This program is a collaboration between TDC and the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Engage the Election 2012 

The first signature initiative of The Democracy Commitment was Engage the Election: 2012. This initiative was a push for our TDC member institutions to participate in political forums and town halls, voter registration drives, voter education forums, along with many other on-campus opportunities, as well as a webinar series highlighting TDC national partners and their resources available to TDC member institutions. To see the archives of our webinar series  and check out many of the events that happened on the campuses of TDC members, visit our Facebook page.