Michigan Student Convention at Henry Ford Community College

On Friday, October 12th, community college students from all over Michigan gathered at Henry Ford Community College, a TDC member institution, to participate in the 9th annual Michigan Student Convention 2012, sponsored by HFCC and the League of Women Voters. The day started at 8:30am with some students being assigned to caucus rooms to lead [...]


TDC National Coordinator, Amee Bearne, in AAC&U “Diversity & Democracy” periodical

Posted in TDC Publications on Sep 18, 2012

Toolbox of a Citizen By Amee Bearne, National Coordinator for The Democracy Commitment I remember thinking when I was seven, “The president of the United States was seven once. If he can be president, so can I.” Lofty notions for a girl growing up in poor, rural Washington State with little access to the world [...]