What TDC asks of participating community colleges:

♦ A public commitment to the central role of civic education

♦ Participation in an annual meeting that brings together faculty, staff, administrators and partners

♦ Faculty and staff development in civic engagement through civic-infused programs and curricula

♦ Participation in a national clearinghouse of program designs, curricula and project development strategies for community colleges

♦ Partnerships with local civic, non-profit and governmental agencies whose primary work is the social and economic development of local communities

♦ Development of joint regional and national programs with partner universities, and with national higher education associations

♦ Intentional support for both curricular and extracurricular programs that build civic skills among students, especially focusing on projects that support students in doing public work

♦ $1, 000 annual membership dues, beginning each fiscal year on July 1st, to aid in the continuation of TDC’s staff, and further the dedication to civic engagement and democratic education in America’s community colleges

 Ensuring communication between TDC headquarters and each campus by designating a Campus Coordinator is also a very important commitment we ask of each member institution. The Campus Coordinator is defined as: a faculty member, administrator, or staff person who believes in the value of a civic education and is committed to the success of The Democracy Commitment on your campus.