Members of the TDC community were contacted and asked to share their experiences and best practices in the follow subjects:

1. Candidate/Issue Forums - Hosting candidate or election issue forums on campus.

2. Deliberative Dialogues - Conducting structured conversations that offer a way to talk about important issues and wrestle with associated hard choices and differing viewpoints on campus.

3. Democracy Walls - Hosting Democracy Walls—physical or movable walls on campus where students can post and/or respond to civic ideas, questions, issues, and so forth.

4. Get Out The Vote - Hosting Get-Out-The-Vote events on campus.

5. Public Achievement - Public Achievement (PA) brings school-aged (typically middle and junior high school) children together to deliberate and act to address public issues of their choice with the guidance and mentorship from college student coaches.

6. Voter Registration Drives - Hosting voter registration drives on campus.

7. Transformational Service Learning - Connecting, coordinating, and evaluating service learning on your campus.

8. Building Community Partnerships - Building partnerships for civic engagement within the campus’ community.

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