Note: ADP’s director Jen Domagal-Goldman has been selected to serve as one of the project team members to develop a new national civic learning rubric. 

In 2015, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, along with faculty and academic professionals from universities and colleges across the country will collaborate to create a national Civic Learning rubric. Following the VALUE Rubric Protocols developed by Wende Garrison and AAC&U, the national Civic Learning rubric will be suitable for institutional assessment of the civic content and knowledge students gain throughout their undergraduate education.

[Note: you can use the Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric for institutional assessment of the ability to make a difference in the civic life of our communities students gain throughout their undergraduate education.]

The project team is charged with the development of a civic learning rubric that aligns with the definition of civic learning adopted by the MA Board of Higher Education:

Civic learning means acquisition of the knowledge, the intellectual skills and the applied competencies that citizens need for informed and effective participation in civic and democratic life; it also means acquiring an understanding of the social values that underlie democratic structures and practices.

  • The knowledge component of civic learning includes an understanding of the United States, including its history and governmental traditions, other world societies, and the relationship(s) between and among these cultures and nations.
  • The intellectual skills component refers to qualities of mind necessary to engage effectively in civic activities.
  • The applied competencies component refers to the practical skills and capacities needed to engage effectively in civic activities.
  • The values component refers to understanding the social and political values that are associated with democratic and civic institutions.

Learn more about the development of the Civic Learning Rubric:

Posted in TDC Member Campus News on Aug 6, 2015
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