By: Carolee Ramsay
Student Engagement Coordinator
Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (CUNY)

Like most other CUNY schools celebrating CUNY Month in November, Guttman’s faculty, staff, and TNU Club members came together to serve free lunch to students on Thursday, November 21. “It is a way to embrace our rich diversity and reinforce our student-centered, collaborative model”, says President Scott Evenbeck.

Guttman’s President, Scott Evenbeck (second from right), serves students hot meals at their International Fall Food Fest held November 21st. TNU Club members, Kristine Anne Perez, Mirella Laure, and Papa Diatta assist.

The Fall International Food Fest was attended by over 100 students with over 35 faculty and staff members donating food, time and other services to make the luncheon a success. Sponsored by Trending News Update Club (TNU Club), club members, faculty, and staff featured cuisine from 5 continents. For Student Government President and TNU Club member, Alfajo Jallow, the event signifies a proud moment during his tenure and is representative of the platform of unity and community, which he campaigned on.

Staff members join TNU Club members as they take a break from serving students. L-R is Randolph Moore, Sara Oomen, Nicola Blake, Alfajo Jallow, Mirella Laure, Khalifa Ndiaye, Carolee Ramsay, Scott Evenbeck, Tracy Daraviras, Daquan Allison, Adesh Ramcharatin (partially hidden), Sam Aldailam, Kristine Anne Perez, and Papa Diatta.

As students went off to celebrate their own Thanksgiving, many reflected on the event as a way of having Thanksgiving with their Guttman family. That connectivity and enrichment to students’ lives are testimonies to the advancement of Guttman’s fundamental mission. Special thanks to the co-organizers: Chief of Staff, Linda Merians, President Scott Evenbeck, Communications Director, Bruce Lyons, College Assistant, Omairys Rodriquez, Executive Assistant to the Provost, Chris Aviles, Executive Assistant to the President, Latoya Jackson, IT Associate Chris Eng, and Director for Peer Mentoring, Daniel Ambrose. The TNU Club also recognizes members Henesse Molina, Daquan Allison, Dycota Robinson, Gibsy Lino, Adesh Ramcharatin, Samuel van der Swaagh, Alfajo Jallow, and Mirella Laure along with their advisers Nicola Blake, Tracy Daraviras, and Carolee Ramsay for their tireless support and efforts in coordinating this event.

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