WASHINGTON, D.C. –Today, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ (AASCU) The American Democracy Project (ADP) and The Democracy Commitment (TDC) announced their partnership with icitizen, a leading civic engagement app. Starting this January, the three groups will work to “Engage the Election 2016;” this project will include comprehensive activities throughout the year centered on enhancing student engagement through civic technology.

“We’re excited to further our partnership with icitizen,” said Anne Mandeville, director of corporate partnerships at AASCU. “Our missions couldn’t be more aligned in encouraging younger generations to take ownership of their civic lives and make their voices count. This is the civic tech component our organization is now able to provide to our members, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to work together during the election year.”

The kickoff event, headquartered at Illinois State University, will be a live-stream of President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union address. Member institutions can host a viewing party on their campuses, and students and faculty can participate via www.icitizen.com if they are unable to attend a watch party. This event will feature interactive polling, live tweeting, and pre- and post-speech coverage designed entirely around advancing the non-partisan political engagement of students. Members of all political parties are encouraged to participate.

“This is a monumental opportunity for all of our organizations,” said Russell P. Reeder, CEO of icitizen. “We’re so happy to be able to work with ADP, TDC and their member schools. We are all dedicated to driving civic engagement and providing all the resources we can to help prepare the next generation of responsible, active citizens. This is only the beginning.”

Other events in the partnership include the 2015 Higher Education Government Relations Conference, co-hosted webinars, the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting, presidential debate coverage on social media, and a post-election wrap-up event.

To participate in the State of the Union live-stream event, sign up here.


The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is a Washington, D.C.-based higher education association of more than 400 public colleges, universities, and systems whose members share a learning- and teaching-centered culture, a historic commitment to underserved student populations, and a dedication to research and creativity that advances their regions’ economic progress and cultural development.

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a multi-campus initiative focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. The project began in 2003 as an initiative of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), in partnership with The New York Times.

The Democracy Commitment (TDC) is a national initiative providing a platform for development and expansion of community college programs, projects and curricula aiming at engaging students in civic learning and democratic practice across the country. Our goal is that every graduate of an American community college have had an education in democracy. This includes all of our students, whether they aim to transfer to university, achieve an associate degree or obtain a certificate.

icitizen is a community where you connect with your peers and elected officials to be heard on the civic issues you care about. With icitizen, you create change at the local, state and federal level. icitizen also partners with organizations and government officials to provide valuable insight into what matters most to their stakeholders. The company is dedicated to bringing openness and accountability to democracy.

Posted in TDC Partners & Friends on Dec 10, 2015