619-07799305Given the busy lifestyle of college students, it can be hard to stay informed about election coverage.  We’ve created a list of suggested smartphone apps as a part of our ADP/TDC Electoral Engagement Resources for students to stay up-to-date about the 2015 and 2016 elections.

The suggested apps cover a variety of information important for engaging students.  The apps are broken down into the following categories:


  • News Updates
  • Voting Information and Protection
  • Incumbent Records
  • Candidates and the Issues
  • Campaign Finance and Fact Checking
  • Public Opinion Information

Participating campuses are encouraged to advertise these election apps, making it easier for students to stay engaged on-the-go.

Download Electoral Engagement Apps (pdf)
Don’t forget:  National Voter Registration Day is September 22nd!

Posted in TDC Member Campus News on Aug 25, 2015