By Stephanie R. South, TDC National Coordiantor

The other day, we told you about the Respect or Reject campaign, and we hope you have had a chance to take a look and think about how you might use it with your students. Today, we just wanted to update you to let you know a few more things:

  1. The campaign is live. Respect or Reject officially launched on Tuesday, September 2, and the first round of political ads are up. You can check it out here:
  2. It changes each week. New rounds of ads for House and Senate races will post each Friday through Election Day (cough…November 4th…cough), so you could make this a weekly feature in your classroom.
  3. We have resources for you. Speaking of classrooms, if you want ideas about how to incorporate the Respect or Reject campaign in your class, we have provided a lesson plan; you can download it here.

As we mentioned, the campaign will run for the next two months. Following Election Day, Respect or Reject will release the five most outrageous ads and the five most civil ads, according to our votes.

We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity our partners at the National Institute for Civil Discourse are providing through Respect or Reject. Remember, we’re not giving politicians a voice by re-tweeting them, we’re giving people a place to publicly state that the behavior is unacceptable and undesired.

To learn more, read the Respect or Reject one-pager here.

Posted in TDC Partners & Friends on Sep 3, 2014