CIRCLE is holding a FREE, 5-week, open online seminar that will provide youth organizations with a venue to discuss and wrestle with the research and recommendations from the recent report “All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement”.

Registration is now open and further information can be found on the CIRCLE website at:

Since the release of the report in October 2013, CIRCLE has been in conversation with a wide range of stakeholders interested in and committed to improving the civic and political engagement opportunities and outcomes for ALL youth in the United States. This FREE and open online seminar is an effort to reach out and engage individuals and groups interested in extending the conversation about that state of youth engagement and future strategies to improve it. The seminar welcomes and encourages young people, parents, educators, policymakers, youth advocates, researchers, and others to join this five-week learning community. The seminar is also designed to allow for multiple levels of participation and will have synchronous and asynchronous elements to accommodate those who need additional flexibility.

The All Together Now report was commissioned by a bipartisan group of distinguished scholarly experts from diverse disciplines and institutions. The Commission report is based, in part, on data collected from more than 6,000 young adults and 720 high school civics or government teachers, and an analysis of all states’ voting and education laws. More information about the report can be found here. Some reflections on the report’s implications for higher education are here.

More information on the Commission on Youth Voting and Civic Knowledge Releases Report is also available.