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Best Practice Guides and Publications

We have written and compiled publications that advances our dedication to the cause of democracy in higher education, and to make democratic skills available to all individuals who desire a voice and a seat at the table of local, state, and national discourse and action.

Best Practice Guides


Building Community Partnerships - Building partnerships for civic engagement within the campus’ community.

Candidate/Issue Forums– Hosting candidate or election issue forums on campus.

Deliberative Dialogues - Conducting structured conversations that offer a way to talk about important issues and wrestle with associated hard choices and differing viewpoints on campus.

Democracy Walls - Hosting Democracy Walls—physical or movable walls on campus where students can post and/or respond to civic ideas, questions, issues, and so forth.

Get Out The Vote– Hosting Get-Out-The-Vote events on campus.

Public Achievement - Public Achievement (PA) brings school-aged (typically middle and junior high school) children together to deliberate and act to address public issues of their choice with the guidance and mentorship from college student coaches.

Transformational Service Learning - Connecting, coordinating, and evaluating service learning on your campus.

Voter Registration Drives– Hosting voter registration drives on campus.



Northern Arizona University ‘ahead of the game’ in transformative era of higher ed -Northern Arizona University and George Mehaffy

Divided We Fail: Are Leaders and Citizens Talking Past Each Other on Higher Education?- National Issues Forums Institute

Minding the Gap: Partnering Across Sectors for Democracy – Bernie Ronan and George Mehaffy

Unnatural Disaster Day: Improving Access to Global Learning and Civic Engagement – Paul Petrequin and Roy Schiesser

A NEW LEADERSHIP LEGACY: Igniting a National Movement for Student Leadership & Engagement at Community Colleges – Rappaport Family Foundation

A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future (PDF report is at bottom of page)

Community Colleges and Civic Learning – Bernie Ronan (Interview transcript PDF)

Democracy and Community Colleges – Bernie Ronan

Democracy at De Anza (PDF) – Brian Murphy (Council of Europe higher education series)

Toolbox of a Citizen – Amee Bearne

A Plea for Civil Discourse: Needed, the Academy’s Leadership– Andrea Leskes

All resources are public, but attribution is appreciated.

Quick Links to TDC Resources for Member Institutions: