TDC and The New York Times inEducation Partnership

TDC and The New York Times inEducation


The Democracy Commitment is pleased to announce a special partnership with The New York Times.  The New York Times is known all over the world for unparalleled news coverage, analysis, and high-caliber reporting. Each day hundreds of colleges and universities around the globe bring their content into the academic setting.  From curated synopses that connect the news to specific areas of study, to exclusive content aggregated by keyword, the Times brings you resources the way you need them.  The New York Times’s growing library of curated content from influential educators around the world, recommended articles, and real life teaching applications will enhance initiatives, programs, and general student engagement.

The partnership allows heavily discount unparalleled access to resources that will enhance student learning, student leadership, and student success.  Upon acknowledgment of interest and signing up for participation in this partnership, TDC member institutions will receive a four-week trial access to The New York Time’s inEducation resources and whenever possible, a live presentation of the program for faculty and administration.   Join us in this partnership and offer your student body, on campus and off.

Call for Participation

For more information or to sign up for this opportunity, please contact Verdis Robinson, TDC Interim National Manager, or Todd Halvorsen, Education Manager, The New York Times, by Friday, October 7, 2016.