Hello I am Thomas Armooh. I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland and I currently attend Elon University. My major is political science with a minor in American studies. Along with Livinus, I am a The Democracy Commitment intern for the summer of 2017. At Elon, I am an Andrew Goodman Ambassador; the organizations focus is to organize young voters on college campuses and increase the performance of civic engagement, specifically voting among students. This mission aligns well with the goals of The Democracy Commitment and its commitment as an organization to raise civic engagement on community college campuses. With that being said, I would like to work with Livinus (nem) on a voter engagement project that can help educate students about the effects of who they vote for and the impact that the candidate can have on current and future polices. I hope to have Verdis’ guidance and mentor-ship throughout the project to make it a success.

We worked on a campus engagement campaign and it required us to create a list of contact information of prospective colleges that may be interested in partnering with The Democracy Commitment. We went through many institutions and learned more about about how certain schools have specific programs that cater to its community and citizens. This helped us to gage which schools would be more likely to partner and benefit from TDC. We have also been working on revamping the social media like twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach out to more people who may not interact with TDC enough and need to get more information. My goal is to learn more about civic engagement as a whole and enhance my skills in communication through written projects and speaking engagements. I believe that this can serve me well in my pursuit to become a lawyer. I plan to attend law school upon graduation in 2019 and focus on criminal or constitutional law. I hope that I can add very real and impactful value to The Democracy Commitment during my time here and improve in areas that can help in my professional development.

My name is Livinus “Nem” Isioma. I am a Nigerian-American and a resident of Frankfort, Illinois. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I came to the United States in 2012 and started my high school education. By 2015, I gained American citizenship. I am a currently a junior at Indiana State University majoring in Political Science and minoring in Civic Leadership. I am also currently an intern at The Democracy Commitment in Washington, D.C. I intend to go to law school and practice contract law afterwards.

So far, interning with The Democracy Commitment has being a great experience. In a month, I have successfully gotten so many contacts of administrators and staff from different state colleges all over the nation. I have also created and manage a LinkedIn and SnapChat (therealtdc) account for The Democracy Commitment. I have had a great time taking care of those tasks, but have some aspiration to achieve while my internship still takes place at The Democracy Commitment. These include; helping in the completion of a membership campaign, writing blogs, learning more about leadership, management, and administration, and learning to be a good professional.

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