The Civic Outcomes of Community Colleges Study

In partnership with the Center for the Study of Community Colleges, TDC is proud to present the Civic Outcomes of Community Colleges Study.  This study is currently open to all TDC Member Institutions to participate through the administration of the Civic and Community Engagement Survey. In addition, efforts are currently underway to institutionalize the project within various state-level initiatives aiming to incorporate student learning outcomes associated with civic and democratic engagement.

In spring 2016 The Democracy Commitment, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Community Colleges, will be administering a survey to assess community college students’ civic agency, behavior, and knowledge after at least one year of attendance at a TDC member institution.

Participation in TDC’s Civic Outcomes survey will provide your institution with information about students’:

  • Civic behavior (students’ participation in specific civic activities as well as self-assessments about their ability to engage in diverse environments);
  • Civic agency (the sense that they can make a difference in their communities and in the world); and
  • Civic knowledge (on national, statewide, and local levels).

National analyses of data will lead to the identification of demographic, behavioral, and institutional variables that contribute to greater levels of civic capacity among community college students.

More information about the Civic and Community Engagement Survey, including the annual administration timeline, links to survey instruments, and related research and publications, and information about how to participate can be accessed via the the links below.

Interest in Participating

Please complete this brief survey to inform us of your interest to participate in the 2017 survey administration. By completing the survey you are NOT committing to participating, but we will provide you more information pertaining to the survey via email.

Participation Link:

If your college is interested in participating for spring 2017 administration and you have questions or concerns, please send an email to:  Carrie Kisker at [email protected] or Mallory Newell at [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the research, publications, or the survey please do not hesitate to contact the Center for the Study of Community Colleges via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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