Kettering Nov '13

From left to right: Kurt Hoffman, Carrie Kisker, Jolanda Westerhof, Bernie Ronan, Cynthia Kaufman, Lena Jones, Derek Barker, Jo Anne Zarowny, Lavita McMath Turner, John Theis, Amabella Lambinicio, Jennifer Mair, Liza Strahley, Clifford Harbour. [Claire Snyder-Hall; in attendance, not in picture]

 The Kettering Foundation, a TDC official partner, hosted a week-long conference for higher education research at their headquarters in Dayton, OH. The conference included a two-day workshop for Community Colleges. A selected group of TDC member institution coordinators, civic engagement researchers, and educators were in attendance. The workshop highlighted the different civic engagement research and outreach occurring across the country.

Listed below are the background reading materials provided for the workshop:

-          Carrie Kisker and Bernie Ronan, TDC Interim Report 2013.

-          John J. Theis, “Civic Engagement and the Community College,” Interim Report 2013.

-          Martin Carcasson, “Rethinking Civic Engagement on Campus,” Kettering report 2013.

-          Claire Snyder, Faculty Public Happiness report 2013.

-          Katy Harriger, “Public Scholarship and Faculty Role Conflict.”

-          Alexandra Robinson, “Living Democracy: From Service Learning to Political Engagement.” Connections 2012.

In addition, for a look at the workshop’s agenda click here.

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