The Democracy Commitment was created to address the many obstacles community colleges face in preparing future Americans to be informed, active, and mobilized citizens in their communities, states, and the nation.   We are here to support our members while offering a series of valuable connections with national organizations along with a network of American community college campuses that are also intentionally engaging in civic work for the benefit of their students.  Our Declaration proclaims our dedication to the cause of democracy in higher education, and to make democratic skills available to all individuals who desire a voice and a seat at the table of local, state, and national discourse and action.

Our Programs Include:

Professional Development

Civic Ethos, Civic Inquiry

Through workshops, regional summits, and national meetings, our members have professional opportunities to develop skills in civic learning and democratic engagement and to learn from others across the country exchanging ideas on best practices to advance this work

Initiatives and Projects

Civic Learning, Civic Skill Building, Civic Action

Members have exclusive opportunities to participate in national initiatives creating an interconnected web of students, campuses, and communities committed to democracy.


Civic Inquiry, Civic Skill Building

TDC has amassed a national clearinghouse of program designs, curricula, and project development strategies for community colleges. Member institutions have access to these materials and ideas which extend beyond volunteerism embracing civic work broadly to include the democratic practice.

Awards and Recognition

Civic Ethos, Civic Action

TDC annually recognizes exceptional work of students and faculty who have advanced the work of democracy on their campuses and in their communities.


Civic Inquiry, Civic Skill Building

Members have exclusive opportunities to participate in national, regional, and campus events creating an interconnected web of students, campuses, and communities committed to democracy. Members institutions become “stewards of place” aimed at revitalizing democracy in the communities in which they are based and from which their students come.


Civic Skill Building, Civic Inquiry, Civic Action

Partnerships formed between TDC and national organizations give our members access to a myriad of opportunities to develop, participate, and communicate the results of their collaborative civic work and democratic learning efforts.