Yesterday at the White House, The Democracy Commitment had the honor of attending “For Democracy’s Future” an event calling to the forefront of U.S. current issues the need for democratic education and civic engagement in American schools and higher education. It was a fantastic event that featured Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Under Secretary Martha Kanter and many other institution and organization presidents and representatives committed to the enhancement of citizen mobilization in our great country.

The event was streamed live and has been archived on the White House YouTube channel. It can be accessed here. (Pay special attention to 38:30 when Brian Murphy, president of De Anza College and co-founder of The Democracy Commitment speaks about our work and our dedication to this great cause.)

Also, for those who had a difficult time finding a working link for “A Crucible
Moment: College Learning & Democracy’s Future,” it can be found here.

We hope those of you who were able to watch the event via live stream are as inspired as we are to continue teaching America about the need for active democratic citizens. For those of you who were unable to partake in the event, we hope you will watch, read and join the efforts of thousands of students and higher education academics who passionately believe and fight for the right to have a seat at the table of democracy.