Webinar: Community Colleges and The Democracy Commitment Initiative

Webinar with TDC Co-Founder:

Brian Murphy
De Anza College


Community Colleges and The Democracy Commitment Initiative

October 23, 2013     12:00-1:30 PM (Eastern)

About this Session:

American community colleges are critical in preparing students for their roles as citizens and engaged members of their communities.  Community colleges are the gateway to education for millions who might not otherwise obtain a postsecondary education, and community colleges are rooted deeply in local communities that need the civic leadership and practical democratic capacity of students for their political and social health.  This webinar will examine how The Democracy Commitment (TDC)—a national, 20-state initiative—provides a platform for developing and expanding community college programs, projects, and curricula aimed at engaging students in civic learning and democratic practice across the country. The goal of TDC is that every graduate of an American community college will have had an education in democracy.

About the Presenter:

murphyBrian Murphy is President of De Anza College in Cupertino, California. He was Director of the San Francisco Urban Institute at San Francisco State University, after serving as Chief Consultant to the California State Legislature’s Review of the Master Plan for Higher Education in the late 80′s. Murphy taught political theory at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara University, and San Francisco State, and has served on city commissions and non-profit boards in San Francisco. He received a B.A. (Williams College), and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees (University of California, Berkeley), all in Political Science.

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