Santa Fe College attends keynote talk by Pat Schroeder

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Student Government Treasurer Kentucky Costellow asks Schroeder about her proudest accomplishments.
By: Kimberly Buchholz
Civic Engagement & Service Specialist
Santa Fe College

Gainesville, Fla. – Sixteen Santa Fe College students and three advisors attended a luncheon featuring former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder Tuesday in downtown Gainesville.

Schroeder, the first woman to serve on the House Armed Services Committee and prime mover behind the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 presents the keynote speech. Schroeder was first woman elected to Congress in Colorado, re-elected time and again, ultimately serving 24 years as a U.S. Representative. During her address, Schroeder discussed current political issues facing Florida an the nation, and spoke briefly about her experiences in U.S. politics over the course of her career. For a short video outlining Pat Schroeder’s contribution to U.S. politics, visit Admission to this TDC@SF College event was sponsored by The Office of Civic Engagement and Service and the  Honors Program at Santa Fe College.

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Sixteen Santa Fe students attending the luncheon included Student Government President Daniel Freed, Vice President Amber Gale, Treasurer Kentucky Costellow, Senate President Rupa Bose, Parliamentarian Edward Baker, Programming Finance Chair Sabrina Newman; and at-large and academic senators Bernardo Forcelini, Isabelle Wasiliewski, and Fatima Baterna. Student club senators, members and officers included Catherine Barrios, Davoye Reid, Samantha Crosby, Miguel Guiterrez, Vanessa Paul, Michelle Villavicencio. Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Vilma Fuentes and Civic Engagement & Service specialist Kimberly Buchholz, and UF graduate assistant Olivia Sangermano served as advisors at this event.
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