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Webinar #7
Graduating Students into Voters:  Overcoming the Psychological Barriers Faced by Student Voters and Improving Student Voting Rates Using Insights from the Behavioral Sciences
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 2 p.m. Eastern  RSVP here.

Graduating Student VotersHow do students decide to vote? And why do some students fail to cast a ballot even though they intend to on Election Day? More importantly, can we design programs to overcome barriers to student voting with simple, scalable innovations? In this webinar the behavioral design lab, ideas42, will review major findings from their new research on how insights from the behavioral sciences – including the fields of psychology and behavioral economics – can shed light on both the internal psychological forces (like a feeling that voting isn’t for me) and seemingly small external hassles (like not having a stamp to mail a voter registration form) that impact student voting. Participants will learn about the role of identity and social norms, the effect of being a first-time voter, and the impact of psychological distance on voting behavior. Participants will also walk away with more than 30 actionable tips and tricks that can be easily integrated to on-campus programs to improve their efficacy. Armed with these tips and tricks, we believe colleges and universities can more successfully execute on their mission to educate civically engaged youth. Read the research report here.


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