Partner Spotlight: CIRCLE’s Latest Work

From our friends at the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE):


Analysis: GOP Candidates Should Reach Out to Youth

The 2016 election cycle is underway, with much of the news and attention so far focused on the race for the Republican nomination, so CIRCLE began to look at national data on youth support for the Republican party. While many assume that young people are solidly Democratic voters, youth support has historically been competitive in presidential elections, and 43% of youth voted for a Republican in House races in 2014.

There is a solid group of young people who have affiliated with or supported the Republican party, and if candidates would like to mobilize these youth, they’ll need to do outreach.

Read more here for CIRCLE’s summary of national data on youth and the Republican party.

Guest Post Series on Impact Measures: Critical Consciousness

As part of CIRCLE’s efforts to promote conversation between research and practice, CIRCLE is hosting a guest post series about impact measures. The first post in the series is from a team of scholars who have developed a series of measures with young people intended to understand the status and changes to young people’s critical consciousness. The authors provide background on the concept and ideas for how the measures can be used by youth programs.

To read their post and access the measures click here. Also, join CIRCLE on Facebook and Twitter for an ongoing conversation about impact measures. Look for more posts about impact measures on the CIRCLE site over the course of the fall.

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