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The Democracy Commitment is the leading national organization focused on the civic education of community college students.   To such an end, TDC  is an excellent source of information on community college curricular change, how community colleges are educating and engaging students in our democracy, and ensuring that community college voices are heard and do matter in our society.  TDC National Office aims to expand public and student civic knowledge and understanding. Welcome to the National Newsroom

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The quarterly newsletter from TDC’s National Office is published at least once every semester and contains updates on TDC’s latest work, announcements, opportunites, and news from member institutions.  See below for the most recent issues and archives of previous issues.

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Public Achievement: Transforming Education

By: Noelle Johnson Public Achievement Coordinator Northern Arizona University 15 students were gathered in a room in Minnesota and asked to identify challenges that face their community and public spaces. Harry Boyte realized then that youth have a lot to say and do indeed feel strongly about community issues and change when given the space to explore their inner voice.…

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Giving Made Easy at Guttman: a TNU Sponsored Event

By: Carolee Ramsay Student Engagement Coordinator Stella and Charles Guttman Community College (CUNY) Like most other CUNY schools celebrating CUNY Month in November, Guttman’s faculty, staff, and TNU Club members came together to serve free lunch to students on Thursday, November 21. “It is a way to embrace our rich diversity and reinforce our student-centered, collaborative model”, says President Scott…

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Reflecting on the American Past and Moving Forward

This past Thanksgiving homes across the country were filled with an assortment of food, laughter, flashing bulbs, embarrassing moments, and joyous announcements. Thanksgiving, as many recognize it, is a day to simply celebrate and give thanks. A uniquely American tradition stemming from early European settler relations with Native Americans, Thanksgiving Day is a tradition with a rich history for the…

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[Call for Papers] 2014 Minding The Gap – Educating For Economic Justice

The growing gap in the United States between the rich and the poor (or even between the rich and the middle class) and the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of the few is difficult to justify. The gap is even greater between the wealthy in developed nations and the destitute in the Third World. A significant amount of…

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Community College Workshop at the Kettering Foundation

 The Kettering Foundation, a TDC official partner, hosted a week-long conference for higher education research at their headquarters in Dayton, OH. The conference included a two-day workshop for Community Colleges. A selected group of TDC member institution coordinators, civic engagement researchers, and educators were in attendance. The workshop highlighted the different civic engagement research and outreach occurring across the country.…

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Community Days Focus on Climate Change and Public

By: Omairys Rodriguez College Assistant, Communications Guttman Community College The fall semester’s Community Days focused on climate change as a central theme. On October 22, six concurrent workshops provided students opportunities to participate in interactive sessions and to meet experts and advocates to learn about a broad range of topics, including transportation options, recycling and the science behind climate change.…

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Welcome to TDC Northwest Kansas Technical College!

Northwest Kansas Technical College provides career and technical education through progressive technology and facilities. Their efforts in cutting-edge technology education and training is also well recognized across the country. Apple Corp. gave recognition to the college for the second year in a row in 2012 for its iPad Mobile Learning Initiative. In addition, the college has fostered “going green” in…

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Miami Dade College “Is Powering through Economic Turmoil”

Miami Dade College, a TDC member institute, received recognition from The Presidency (The American Council on Education’s Magazine for Higher Education) after welcoming its 2 millionth admitted student, a rare feat for any college across the country. The article was written by the college’s president Eduardo J. Padrón. Miami Dade opened its doors to students only 53 years ago. Today…

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Students Get Firsthand Look at City Budget Process

By: Bruce Lyons Associate Director of Communications Guttman Community College   On October 22 students from Dr. Larian Angelo’s Fall I class, The Politics of New York City, were given a firsthand opportunity to learn the workings of the city’s budgeting process by visiting the City Council Finance Division. Jeff Rodus, First Deputy Director, and John Russell, Senior Financial Analyst,…

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