Miami Dade College “Is Powering through Economic Turmoil”

Miami Dade College, a TDC member institute, received recognition from The Presidency (The American Council on Education’s Magazine for Higher Education) after welcoming its 2 millionth admitted student, a rare feat for any college across the country. The article was written by the college’s president Eduardo J. Padrón.

Miami Dade opened its doors to students only 53 years ago. Today it boasts one of the largest student populations in the country. The college points out that being a public community college they provide a non-exclusive education that has produced thousands of successful alumni. Through this successful alumni network and community the college accumulated a very substantial endowment of $336.2 million, the largest endowment of any community college in the nation.

This accomplishment came to much hard work in alumni relations. Through Miami Dade’s 2000 campaign “Everywhere You Turn: Successful Alumni”, alums, the immediate community, and many national academic foundations took notice of the amazing graduates the college has produced. The continuous efforts of this campaign have garnered the participation of nearly 4,000 successful alumni. The campaign truly changed the perception of what a Miami Dade College education provides.

During the past few years of economic turmoil across the country Miami Dade stands out against this adversity and thrives to continue its service to its current and prospective students. It’s an uphill battle for community colleges all over the country but Miami Dade recognizes that if there’s a will there’s a way. On top of reaching out to alumni and their community the college also extended their aims to philanthropic partnerships and government grants, which helped sustain and expand the academic opportunities for this community college. For Miami Dade rallying its alumni and community members helps for a continuous excellent education for the economically challenged.

Article by the President of Miami Dade Community College, Eduardo J. Padrón link:

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