Meet the Chosen Student Plenary Panelists for the 2013 National Meeting

Remember that Student Plenary video contest we told you about?

The one where The Democracy Commitment (TDC) wanted to find students to speak at the 2013 ADP/TDC National Meeting?

Well, we found them.

And, yes, to be sure, we had a great set of submissions–thank you to everyone who entered! However, there were not enough entries to conduct an online contest, which is why you didn’t ever receive notification about voting or how you could give us your two cents.

Still, we’ve identified our winners, the student leaders below, who were selected by an internal AASCU panel to be our plenary session panelists.

Allow me to introduce you.


Meet Ms. Quinta Tangoh:

Quinta from CuyahogaQuinta was born in Cameroon, an ethnically diverse country.   She was brought up in a Christian home full of love, care and peace.  During her four years in the USA, she has been attending Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), studying nursing and Conflict Resolution. At Tri-C she received a scholarship to complete the Short-term Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies. She decided to pursue the nursing program to make a positive change through health care in the lives of Cameroon women and to utilize sustained dialogue to empower women to make positive change in their communities. In Cameroon she is a member of a charity, and in the U.S., she is an active member in her church and has served as a member and a moderator of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network at Cuyahoga Community College.



Now let us introduce you to Justin Machelski!

Justin from DeltaJustin is a street musician turned professional student who wants to use his experiences in homelessness to help other people. His biggest focus is trying to get the students of Delta College to become more politically active. Over the course of his time at Delta College Justin has experienced a life transformation that can only be described eudaimonic. He has yet to attend a semester where he has not placed on the Dean’s, Vice President’s, or President’s Lists. He also won the Paul Moore Social Science Award, and has even taken a job in the Humanities Division of Delta College. He says that his time as the President of the Democracy Commitment Student Club may actually be the crowning achievement of his two-year college experience. “Through this club we politically engage students in ways I did not know was possible. Helping fellow students participate in thoughtful engagement of politics is in itself a virtue.”


We are delighted to have Quinta and Justin as our representatives for The Democracy Commitment. To learn more about the two American Democracy Project  students chosen to join the panel, Rachel Wintz and Bianca Simone Brown, click here. We look forward to hearing their thoughts at our upcoming ADP/TDC National Meeting in Denver.

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