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COMMUNITY DAYS are a two-day event of workshops, community-based learning and academic service-learning involving all Guttman students. In conjunction with the Fall semester of the City Seminar course taken by all first-year students, “Sustainability and Climate Change” is the theme of this semesters’ COMMUNITY DAYS. With keynote speakers, workshop options and wrap up sessions all led by NY-based experts in issues related to the theme, students participate along with the facilitation of Peer Mentors.

On the second day of COMMUNITY DAYS, all students and several staff participate in a day of service in one of the 5 NY City boroughs, volunteering with non-profits, city government, and advocacy organizations dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability. Guttman partners with New York Cares to help orient and prepare students for meaningful service.

All second-year students choose a community-based learning experience relevant to the courses in their majors or offering further exploration of a topic introduced in one of their current courses. Reflective assignments are posted in students’ ePortfolios as they connect their COMMUNITY DAYS experiences to learning outcomes.

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