San Diego Community College District

 San Diego CC District - Miramar

Written by Professor Darrel Harrison,
Program Director – Paralegal Studies,
San Diego Miramar College


San Diego Miramar College hosts a monthly series called “An Evening with the Experts”, where students and the community are invited to attend.  In April 2013, students from the Miramar College Paralegal Program’s presented their research and hosted a panel discussion that explored the cases, policies and programs that have been directed at immigration since the beginning of this country.  This presentation explored the historical as well as the present policies of immigration and highlighted individual immigrants and their contribution to American society.  The program is for students of history and all people moved by the current immigration debate.

The goals of this research project were:

To show how and why immigrants came to this country

  1. To outline the laws and policies used to limit immigrant assimilation into America.
  2. To demonstrate how the current debate regarding immigration is similar to earlier concerns about immigrant groups.

Students prepared and presented a copy of their findings (handout/power-point) to a well attended audience comprised of faculty, students, administrators, non- profit and community agencies, and community members.  The audience was engaged by Use of powerpoint presentation, group discussion, handouts and Q&A. Students began by polling the audience about their own family’s emigration to this country and asked what stories their families have shared or hear their knowledge of how their families were treated.  The professors engaged the audience in an understanding of the various laws about immigration (pro and con).

For more information on the San Diego Miramar College Evening with the Experts series, please contact Professor Darrel Harrison, Program Director – Paralegal Studies