#e214 Update: CVP’s Reminder and Resources

Courtesy of Fair Election Legal Networks’s Campus Vote Project

Did you know that two-thirds of students surveyed who did not vote in the last midterms (2010) cited a lack of information reason, such as not understanding the process or missing an important deadline?

Help make sure your students have all the information they need to get registered and cast an effective ballot this year.  You can find more non partisan student voting information by checking Campus Vote Project’s state-specific Student Voting Guides for all 50 states and D.C., available here: CVP Student Voting Guides.

Students can create real change by voting on issues and officials that impact their lives and the well-being of their community. It is important to remind students that their vote can make a difference on policies that affect them on campus as well as after graduation. Below are six important reasons students should keep in mind when deciding whether to vote this November.

  1. Young adults (ages 18-29) will make up at least 24% of the voting age population this year but are less likely to cast a ballot than older voters. Young voters have the numbers to make change, but we have to vote to make that happen.
  2. Officials at the federal, state and local levels influence decisions on issues that directly impact students like student loan debt, higher education funding, voter ID laws, and job creation. Students have the power to elect representatives who support and protect student issues.
  3. Across the country states have made deep cuts to higher education funding since the recession. Average state funding is down 23% per student, or $2,026.
  4. 48 states are still spending less per student than they did before the recession six years ago.
  5. Annual tuition at 4-year public institutions has jumped 28% or $1,936 since the 2007-2008 school year.
  6. This is your campus, your community, your state and your country. Voting is the easiest way to participate, enact change and make a difference in your home.

For more information on how to help students register and get your campus out to vote this November visit: www.CampusVoteProject.org.

VOTE on November 4
and Make Your Voice Heard.

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