#e214 Update: Campus Vote Project’s Midterm Elections Resources and #VotePledge2014

Courtesy of the Campus Vote Project

As deadlines approach, it is important students have the information needed to register and cast a ballot in the midterm elections. Campus Vote Project has updated 2014 guides for all 50 states and D.C. including important dates to remember, where to find registration forms, how to register with your college or home address, any voter ID rules, options to cast your ballot, and answers to common student questions.

CVP also offers a variety of resources for students to get involved on their campus and administrators to encourage students to participate. Information on setting up a student voting website, meeting with college administrators or election officials about providing your campus with elections materials, starting a GOTV effort, and instituting change on your campus are included in our Student Toolkit. For administrators we have a one-page Best Practices Guide with strategies to help students register and vote. Many of these are institutional changes that will help students get the information they need and overcome common barriers to voting.

Join CVP this fall with an action to get students excited and motivated to vote in the midterm elections called Vote Pledge 2014. We’re asking student voters and advocates to make a pledge to participate in the midterm elections and share their pledges. To participate in Vote Pledge 2014 campaign, download the pledge sheet and tweet a picture of your pledge to @campusvote using #votepledge2014.

If you are interested in getting more information or have a question about electoral engagement activities on campus reach out to Campus Vote Project at info@campusvoteproject.org or 202-331-0114.

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