#e214 State-Specific Webinars Hosted by CVP & TDC

By  Stephanie R. South, TDC National Coordinator

Previously, we introduced you to Fair Elections Legal Network (FELN) and its Campus Vote Project (CVP).  TDC is very excited to be working with the Campus Vote Project to promote student electoral engagement at TDC partner campuses. Community colleges educate millions of students who are often overlooked by political campaigns and university registration and GOTV efforts. Because limited attention is paid to our students, the need for greater civic engagement education and efforts is even more critical.

The partnership with CVP, along with our other national partners in our Engage the Election 2014 initiative, aims to improve voting rates of community college students and members of their communities by engaging students and providing essential registration and voting information, as well as providing leadership training for mobilization programs on campus and in the surrounding communities. FELN has long-standing professional relationships with local election officials in virtually every state, and will work with us to support poll-worker programs to increase exposure to elections for our students, fill the need for younger and technologically savvy poll workers and the shortage of bi-lingual poll workers in many communities.

Currently, CVP has dedicated field staff on the ground at work in several states, and we expect them to be reaching out in the near future to campuses in those states via the TDC Campus Coordinator. This is an opportunity to work with a national nonprofit organization whose sole work is increasing access to voting. More important, they have resources for our campuses in our on-going efforts to increase voter education and issue awareness, and engage our students in the electoral process in multiple ways.

In partnership with TDC, CVP will be hosting state-specific webinars that will cover the basics of registering and voting in your state, what types of non-partisan activities administrators and faculty can engage in, and best practices for democratic engagement activities; there will also be a Q&A session.

There are upcoming webinars scheduled for Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and Ohio. For the complete schedule and access details, click here.

We hope you will pass along this information to your colleagues and that someone will be able to join.


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