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During the Fall 2012, the San Diego Miramar College Associated Student Council, Student Affairs, School of Humanities and Political Science Department sponsored and successfully delivered the event ‘A Debate about Proposition 30: What’s at Stake?’ A well attended and informative event, students, faculty and administrators heard facts and two different perspectives on the CA ballot initiative from a representative of the Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges as well as the San Diego Tax Fighters organization.

Proposition 30 was passed by California voters during the November 6, 2012 general election.

The Official Voter Information Website for California listed pros and cons to this initiative-  “PROS: After years of cuts to schools and public safety, it’s time to take a stand. Prop. 30 asks the wealthiest to temporarily pay more to prevent deep school cuts, provide billions in new education funding, guarantee local public safety and help balance the state budget. CONS: NO on 30—$50 billion in higher sales and income taxes, but no guarantee of additional money for schools. Prop. 30 doesn’t reform schools, pensions or cut waste and bureaucracy. We’ll never know where the money really goes. Educators, small businesses and taxpayer groups say NO on 30.”


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