Constitution Day 2015 | TDC Campuses Across the Nation Celebrate and Engage in a Big Way

Constitution Day 2015

Constitution Day can be seen as a celebratory event; and in many cases it is a celebration of an experiment in democratic governance that continues to balance rights to equality and liberty. On most of our campuses, however, Constitution Day is not (only) celebratory, but a day to spur people to think more deeply, to consider opposing perspectives, to spur citizens to action and to wrestle with complex issues facing our civic life and democratic institutions.

We hope you take the time to peruse the 2015 Constitution Day offerings of just some of our TDC campuses. They’ve been busy registering new voters and discussing infringements on voter rights. They are urging their communities to focus on race, racism and other inequalities and social injustices that persist in our country. We encourage you to do the same today and every day.

Here are a few examples of what our campuses are doing today:

Mount Wachusett Community College (Massachusetts)

Mount Wachusett is holding a trivia show, which will include questions on the constitution. They will also have a “voting is a piece of cake’ table where they can register to vote, pick up a pocket constitution and win a prize or get a free piece of cake. For more information click here.

Lone Star Community College (Texas)

Lone Star’s Student Government Association will be hosting an informative session on the United States Constitution. For more information click here.

Middlesex Community College (Massachusetts)

Middlesex Community College will celebrate Constitution and Citizenship Day with a special presentation by MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump. For more information click here.

SUNY Broome Community College (New York)

SUNY Broome to celebrate Constitution Day with a cosmic lecture. The lecture will be led by the interstellar political anthropologist and cultural historian Goud Ranrag, from Planet Bb of the Alpha Centauri Federation, located some four light years distant from Earth. The lecture will challenge the campus and the local community to think about what role American citizens have now and over the next 50 years in either witnessing the death of democracy or assisting in its revitalization. Young people are especially encouraged to come and hear a “cosmic voice” sharing his thoughts and observations about the future of the American experiment in democracy. For More Information click here.

The Alamo Colleges (Texas)

The Alamo Colleges is hosting an event with Mi Familia Voto Performance; Informational tables & Voters Registration; and Constitutional displays & games. For More Information visit here.

Yavapai College (Arizona)

In honor of Constitution Day Thursday, September 17th, the Prescott Campus Library of Yavapai College will have a display at the library’s InfoPortal Sept. 14 – 19. The Prescott Campus Library is a Government Depository library. The Library will offer free pamphlets that contain a copy of the constitution and pencils/post-it notepads. For more information visit here.

Cuyahoga Community College (Ohio)

Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus celebrated Constitution Day—or Citizenship Day on September 15 by commemorating the day with a game of Jeopardy, where contestants answered questions about the U.S. Constitution.

Cuyahoga Community College

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