[Campus Sphere] Glendale Community College Lauds Civic Leaders

As taken from Glendale Community College’s news release; the original story can be found here.

Selected for outstanding achievements in promoting civic engagement in, and awareness of, community and public policy issues, nine GCC students received the 2014 Chancellor’s Civic Leadership Medallion in May.

The 2014 Chancellor’s Civic Leadership Medallion winners from Glendale Community College are Diane Galindo, Frankie Candia, Rebecca Velez, Paulene Garcia, Wendy Respardo, Maria Garcia, Prince Murray (with distinction), Karla Respardo, and Rona Salas-Hernandez.

The award highlights and promotes student accomplishments related to civic activity. Recipients must document and accumulate 100 points through various eligible civic leadership activities. Those activities range in difficulty and time commitment: students may attend a public meeting, contact an elected official, run for student government or elected public office, to name just a few.

Wendy Respardo worked all year to reach her 100-point goal. She completed a year of Student Public Policy Forum (SPPF), a year-long of class about political issues and policies; she lobbied for higher education in Washington D.C.; she served as president of GCC Associated Student Government; and she attended a MCCCD Governing Board meeting as well as the 3-day Arizona Town Hall conference.

“I would encourage more students to become civically involve, not just for the medallion, but for the art of helping the community. I had a great time going all the things I did to complete my 100 points,” said Respardo.

While each student individually accumulated points, they worked in tandem with the Student Leadership Center and Associated Student Government to host civic engagement events like a National Day of Voter Registration and awareness programs. Some logged hours well above the requirement.

Connie Greenwell, Director of Student Life & Leadership, is quite proud of these nine award recipients, not only for the educational opportunities they created for themselves, but also for the many hours of service donated to the campus and community. “They serve as shining examples of the very best of what Glendale Community College is capable of producing,” she said.

Civic participation–a cornerstone of Maricopa Community College’s educational mission­­–teaches students to recognize their individual responsibility to democracy, discourse and voter education as they become more engaged global citizens. From that idea, the Maricopa Center for Civic Participation and Chancellor Rufus Glasper created the Chancellor’s Civic Leadership Medallion award in 2013.

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