[Call for Papers] 2014 Minding The Gap – Educating For Economic Justice

The growing gap in the United States between the rich and the poor (or even between the rich and the middle class) and the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of the few is difficult to justify. The gap is even greater between the wealthy in developed nations and the destitute in the Third World. A significant amount of research highlights the deleterious effects of wealth inequality on a society and around the globe. These effects include increased crime, mental illness, educational underachievement, and more. In such a situation, American colleges and universities cannot sit idly by. At its 2014 annual meeting, the Society for Values in Higher Education will investigate the gap and reflect upon ways that educational institutions can mind it and mend it.

Papers may address these values from a number of theoretical and (inter)disciplinary perspectives,including but not limited to questions such as:

Exploring the Issues
• What is economic justice? Are we our brother’s (economic) keeper?
• To what extent is violence the basis of economic disparity? Does economic disparity contribute to violence?
• What is the relationship or what is the future relationship of education and the American Dream?
• How does economic disparity affect education?
• How does the widening gap between the rich and poor change the structure of education? Does education replicate inequalities? What are the questions of justice in funding education?
• How do colleges and universities benefit from wealth disparities?
• How does wealth disparity shape our cultures, communities, and our selves?

Bridging the Gap
• How can education facilitate economic justice?
• How can educational institutions address problems of economic inequality?
• Can education address the widening gap of rich and poor?
• How can education help us develop better conceptions and attitudes about wealth and what leads to genuine happiness?

Contact Information

Direct inquiries and proposals to Eric Bain-Selbo, Department Head, Philosophy and Religion, Western Kentucky University (bain-selbo@svhe.org). Proposals should not exceed 1000 words. Proposals will be reviewed as they are submitted. Review will continue until all available slots are filled. No proposals will be accepted after the deadline of April 15, 2014. Interdisciplinary and/or practice oriented proposals are especially encouraged.


Those selected to present will receive a reduced registration rate of $50 for members or $75 for non-members (which includes a complimentary year-long membership) for the 2014 Fellows Meeting. Two papers will be selected for special recognition and awarded $300.  To be eligible for an award, completed papers must be submitted by July 1, 2014. Authors are expected to attend the SVHE meeting to present their papers.

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