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“Recognizing Knowledge in Arts and Design Practice”
The Submission Deadline for Vol. IV, Issue I has been extended to September 15, 2015

By Jennifer Domagal-Goldman, ADP National Manager

This issue will challenge assumptions and politics that do not recognize knowledge production in arts and design practice.  Contributions will demonstrate instances of the arts and design as forms of creative research, and both pathways to and carriers of ideas and revelations.

The issue will also honor our late, beloved colleague, Randy Martin, member of Imagining America’s National Advisory Board and a great friend of Public. We welcome pieces that evoke, recognize, and honor his work, particularly as he broke barriers between practice and theory-based generation of knowledge.

Some of the questions to consider include:

  • How do we promote recognition of tools and techniques of the arts and design that serve multiple, cross-disciplinary purposes and produce new ideas and understandings?
  • How do representational forms-visual: 2-D, 3-D, and new media (image/spatial/virtual/ real-time/online); and oral and time-based practices (audio, performance, documentaries, etc.)-communicate across disciplines, in classrooms, studios, scholarly convenings, cultural spaces, and communities?
  • What do the arts and design contribute to, and how do they collaborate with, disciplines that are assumed to be scholarly?
  • How are or could arts and design practices be assessed and assigned value as research/scholarship?

This issue will be co-edited by Aimee Cox, Kim Yasuda, and Jan Cohen-Cruz, and designed by Kathleen Brandt and Brian Lonsway. We especially seek submissions that take advantage of our multi-modal format as an e-journal.

Public is contextualized by IA’s vision: publicly engaged artists, designers, scholars, and others, in and out of the academy, enriching civic life for all. We request the integration of the arts, humanities, or design in submissions and welcome contributors from academic, cultural, or community contexts.

For the journal’s mission statement, submission guidelines, and a description of the peer review process, please visit

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