Call for Participation: Research Study on Millennial Faculty & Civic Engagement

A faculty member at Texas A&M University-Central Texas — an American Democracy Project campus — is engaged in a research project focused on Millennial Generation Faculty Members and Civic Engagement. Please read the short study description below and share with colleagues that might be interested in participating in this important effort. Thanks!

 Millennial Faculty & Civic Engagement Study

“Civically-minded” is a term often used to describe individuals from the Millennial Generation (individuals born in 1982 or later) due to their affinity for community service, social activism and involvement in nonprofit organizations. Coincidentally, the time during which those from this generation entered college represented an era during which higher education demonstrated a renewed emphasis on civic engagement efforts nationally. These activities and programs have repeatedly demonstrated positive effects on many student outcomes that prepare them for lives as engaged citizens and professionals.

It is at this point that Millennials are beginning to enter the professoriate themselves. As the sustained success of service-learning and other community engagement endeavors ultimately lies with faculty members, this study aims to investigate how generational tendencies and/or undergraduate experiences have affected currently engaged Millennial faculty members’ development.

We are seeking full-time faculty members born after 1981 who have utilized service-learning in their teaching in order to investigate: 1) their personal perceptions and motivations towards the practice, and 2) if their undergraduate experience affected their development as civically-engaged professionals.  Participants will take part in a brief individual interview and a short follow-up discussion with other participants to examine commonalities and themes. Webcams will be necessary for participation.

Interviews will begin in December 2015 and will continue through early February 2016.  All interested individuals should contact Morgan Lewing at

Dr. Morgan Lewing
Assistant Professor, College of Education
Texas A&M University-Central Texas (Killeen, TX)

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