You are invited to attend a Faculty Development Seminar for professors and staff!

(Funding for participation may be available. Please see end of invitation.)

Join Street Law, Inc. and its recently designed and piloted* civic engagement/democratic practice program that prepares and encourages community college students to become more active, informed participants in our dynamic democratic society. The program is a credit-bearing, transferable community college course that has a substantive focus on practical law and public policy. It includes interactive classroom instruction that is complemented and reinforced by community-based learning. You can learn more about this program at

Street Law and its national partner, the Law School Admission Council’s, are conducting faculty development seminars in Chicago and San Francisco for professors and staff interested in implementing this program. This seminar is scheduled for October 24—25, 2012 and November 14–15, 2012, respectively. More information about the seminars can be found at:  and

The seminar will be an opportunity to join like-minded faculty and learn more about the Street Law program, the law-based civic learning textbook, best practices in civic learning, and how Street Law can impact your community college. The seminar will also provide you with an opportunity both to connect with law school admissions personnel who are interested in encouraging community college students to consider legal careers and to learn how LSAC’s can be used by you and your students who may be interested in learning more about legal careers.

Limited Funding?  No Problem!

Funding from LSAC’s program, as well as from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation and S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundations has created a limited pool of funding available to reimburse travel and lodging. More information is available

*Preliminary results from end of course student surveys from the pilot classes showed increased commitment to completion, greater confidence regarding advocacy skills, and increased interest in law-related careers.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Xinia Bermúdez, Program Coordinator, Street Law, Inc.

Please cc Amee Bearne, National Coordinator, The Democracy Commitment, on your correspondence with Xinia. Also, feel free to send this to faculty on your campus that you believe would be interested in this fantastic opportunity!