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Attention all community college faculty committed to teaching for change (and those that know them) –

Do you want your students to organize for social change? 

Do you want to learn techniques to prepare students to be leaders in their communities? 

Do you want to be a part of a larger, supportive network of educators teaching for change? 

Then this Boot Camp is for YOU!

New Organizing Institute’s Millennial Project, in collaboration with the Leading Change Network Teaching Initiative and made possible by the Rappaport Family Foundation, are offering a 4-day, intensive training targeted at building a cohort of educators who teach practice-based organizing and leadership courses and workshops in community colleges throughout the U.S.

Teaching Community Organizing Boot Camp

for Community College Faculty

January 9-12, 2014

Orange Springs, FL

Only 20 spots are available for this all travel expenses paid, 4-day learning adventure – an opportunity worth $2,000. Be a part of the first class of this new NOI Boot Camp!

Apply today at:


My name is Hope Wood, and a decade ago, I was an educator struggling to teach for social change in my public school classroom, feeling myself sink into the unsettling depths of not enough space, time, energy, and resources.

Luckily, I was reenergized by a community organizer who engaged me and others at my school in developing the leadership we were waiting for – IN OURSELVES! He showed us the power and potential we each possessed, leadership connected to the self and community! We built relationships and strategies together.  We stood up to take action for the conditions we so badly needed to educate our students.  And we won – more streetlights added in front of the school, more funded parent-teacher learning academies, more transition support for our graduating classes.  We learned together.  Moreover, it was not theoretical or abstract. This was a new kind of learning through action. Ultimately, we discovered that indeed every-day people like ourselves could create change, and in the process, I got the organizing bug!

In 2007, I learned that we could do this on a national level and I fell in love with organizing even more deeply.  Through my work as a volunteer leader and then as a staffer during the first Obama campaign, I was introduced to the organizing framework that would continue to change my life in two big ways – 1.The story and relational focus helped me find my voice, establishing my full identity as an out lesbian of mixed race, and it gave me courage to use this voice politically, and 2. I discovered a simple and effective language and pedagogy that would allow me to share the practice of organizing to others seeking to make similar change.

This framework created by the iconic organizer and Harvard professor Marshall Ganz, was developed out of his organizing work with the United Farm Workers and in the Mississippi Summer Project of 1964 during the civil rights movement, and in several electoral campaigns since.

Many people are now teaching and utilizing this framework to strengthen the social justice movement through many issue campaigns across the country and abroad.  From the Dreamers using their stories strategically to open hearts and minds and beginning to shift U.S. immigration policy, to community members in a refuge camp town in East Amman, Jordan successfully organizing the people in their poverty-stricken community to make measurable cultural change in behaviors associated with literacy and child abuse.

Click here now to apply for this opportunity to join other change-minded people in learning this community organizing framework and developing a community of practice in the process.  

Click here for more information about the training objectives and outcomes.


Through this organizing practice and the work of our Leading Change Network members using it on the ground throughout the world, we are creating real, measurable change and leadership opportunities that develop community and build interdependent power to shift the inequities that keep people from living lives of dignity and respect.  And in the process, we are shifting the way the world works – creating more cultures of commitment than control in social change work, and more spaces where we use conflict as a healthy way to find solutions than as something that divides and destroys our efforts towards shared goals.

But there is more work to do! And luckily, there are plenty more students to engage in this life changing, learning organizing experience. But currently, from what we’ve been able to find, it appears that this type of hands-on, developing leadership through reflective organizing action course is only being offered through Harvard and a small handful of other academic institutions, few of which are community colleges. Few of which are located in the very communities faced by the vast social inequalities and other injustices that are plaguing our country and world.

But you can make that different, you can cause that change – right from your own classroom.  Join us at Teaching Community Organizing Boot Camp 2014 and let’s get started together!

Be sure to apply before the deadline – midnight on November 11, 2013 at

Please feel free to reach out to me at with any questions about our Teaching Organizing Boot Camp 2014, the Millennial Project or the Leading Change Teaching Initiative.  I look forward to connecting with you!

In beloved community,



p.s. Here are some resources for more background information:

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Leading Change Network

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Hope Wood | Organizing Trainings Manager & Millennial Project Director

New Organizing Institute | Cell: 323-428-7584 | Skype: hopewood07


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